Mala teaches the following courses:

NEU 301/MOL 310 Cellular Neurobiology (Starting in Fall of 2015, and annually thereafter)

This course focuses on understanding how neurons and the molecules they express contribute to brain function. Topics covered include the structure and electrical properties of neurons, cell fate decisions, synapse formation and plasticity, neuromodulation, and the function of simple neural circuits. We also discuss molecular and genetic tools for interrogating the nervous system. Examples are drawn from studies of sensory system development and function in animals amenable to molecular and cellular level investigation. Students have the opportunity to read and discuss primary literature throughout the course.

    *For NEU concentrators and certificate students (lecture only course)

    *24 lectures


NEU 501/2a and NEU 501b "Neuroscience: from molecules to systems to behavior" (Fall and Spring, 2010-present)

A survey of modern neuroscience combining theoretical and computational/quantitative approaches. Topics include cellular neurophysiology, neuroanatomy, neural circuits and dynamics, neural development and plasticity, sensory systems, genetic model systems, and molecular neuroscience. This course if required of all Neuroscience Ph.D. students.

    *For NEU graduate students and upper-level NEU undergraduates (lecture and lab course)

    *5 lectures and 1 lab module

    *co-taught w/ the Princeton Neuroscience Institute faculty


NAND (Neurotechnologies for Analysis of Neural Dynamics) summer course (

This course introduces students with quantitative training in the physical sciences, mathematics, engineering, or computer science to the concepts and research methodologies of modern neuroscience.

*1 lecture and 1 lab module


Previous Courses:

ISC 235 "An Integrated, Quantitative Approach to Biochemistry and Neuroscience" (Spring, 2011-2015)

An integrated, mathematically and computationally sophisticated introduction to biochemistry and neuroscience. 

    *For sophomores in the Integrated Sciences program (lecture only course)   

    *12 lectures on Quantitative Neuroscience (co-taught with Josh Rabinowitz)

    *Previously ISC236 "An Integrated, Quantitative Introduction to the Natural Sciences", co-taught with David Botstein and Eric Wieschaus


NEU/MOL 403 "Neurogenetics of Behavior" (Fall 2012 and Spring 2015)

How do seemingly simple organisms generate complex behaviors? This course will explore our current understanding of the genetic and neural basis for animal behavior, with an emphasis on cutting-edge research and model systems that are amenable to genetic manipulation. Each week we will discuss a new behavior with a focus on the underlying mechanisms; students will also lead discussions of primary literature. The goal of this course is to provide required background, knowledge, and critical thinking skills to move beyond the published literature to proposing original experiments. This effort will culminate in a final paper from each student.

    *For upper-level NEU/MOL undergraduates (lecture only course)

    *12 lectures (co-taught w/ Coleen Murphy)


MOL 214 "Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology" (Spring, 2012-14)

    *For undergraduates

    *4 lectures (neuro module)


NEU 408 "Cellular and Systems Neuroscience" (Fall, 2013)

     *For upper-level NEU undergraduates

     *4 lectures


BCNN (Biophysics and Computation in Neurons and Networks) Summer Course: