The Murthy Lab is always looking for talented and creative individuals to join our group - most projects involve a mix of quantitative behavioral analyses, modeling, and neural recordings. Currently we are recruiting postdoctoral research fellows, graduate students, and technicians to work on three newly funded and collaborative BRAIN Initiative projects (multisensory integration with Tom Clandinin, Kristin Scott and Surya Ganguli; social interactions and dynamics with Josh Shaevitz, Jonathan Pillow and Bill Bialek; mapping the fly connectome with Sebastian Seung). If interested, please send a CV, a list of 3 references, and a short (one-page) research statement to mmurthy*at* 

Mala Murthy, PhD


HHMI Faculty Scholar

Princeton Neuroscience Institute


Assistant: Rebecca Khaitman (khaitman*at*


Office: 252 PNI

Lab: A level PNI

Washington Road

Princeton, NJ 08544