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Mala, Josh S., and Talmo P. to be featured at “Celebrate Princeton Innovation”:

Article on song feature detection and sex-specific behaviors now out at Current Biology:

Two new papers out on bioRxiv: Auditory Activity is Diverse and Widespread Throughout the Central Brain of Drosophila ( and Unsupervised identification of the internal states that shape natural behavior (

Sama Ahmed is awarded a Burroughs Wellcome Postdoctoral Enrichment Award and a a Princeton Presidential Postdoctoral Fellowship - congrats Sama!

Undergraduate Sage Palmedo receives the Brinster Prize for her neuroscience senior thesis!

Mala is promoted to Full Professor.


LEAP paper now out at Nature Methods - congrats to Talmo Pereira and Diego Aldarondo! Nature Methods

New code posted on our website (thanks to David Turner and Dudi Deutsch!): Python Ball Motion Tracking (pybmt):

Mala delivers a special lecture at SFN 2018!

Diego Pacheco receives his PhD in Neuroscience. Congrats Diego!

New paper on song object detectors out on bioRxiv! Shared Song Object Detector Neurons in Drosophila Male and Female Brains Drive Divergent, Sex-Specific Behaviors

Work from postdoc Adam Calhoun profiled on the Simons Foundation website:

New method (LEAP - LEAP Estimates Animal Pose) from the Murthy and Shaevitz labs for tracking animal pose using deep neural networks out on bioRxiv! See to start tracking!

Fred Roemschied receives a postdoctoral research fellowship from the DFG (German Research Foundation). Congrats Fred!

Alex Hammons receives her PhD in Molecular Biology. Congrats Alex!

Our paper on variance adaptation in Drosophila auditory receptor neurons is now out at Nature Communications. Congrats Jan and Nofar!

Two new papers from the lab published on the bioRxiv: 1) Fast Intensity Adaptation Enhances the Encoding of Sound in Drosophila: and 2) Discovery of a new song mode in Drosophila reveals hidden structure in the sensory and neural drivers of behavior: 

New review article on the quantitative analysis of behavior published in Current Opinion in Neurobiology. Congrats Adam!

Mala and her collaborators (Josh Shaevitz, Jonathan Pillow, and Bill Bialek) receive a new grant through the NIH BRAIN Initiative. For more information:

The Murthy lab is part of the newly funded Center for the Physics of Biological Function at Princeton - the Center will fund postdoctoral theory fellows that work at the intersection of biology, physics, and neuroscience:

Adam Calhoun receives a postdoctoral fellowship from the Simons Foundation. Congrats Adam!

Jan Clemens will start his own lab at the European Neuroscience Institute in Goettingen ( in August. Congrats Jan!


Mala has been named an HHMI Faculty Scholar.

Mala is awarded tenure at Princeton and promoted to Associate Professor.

Christa Baker receives a postdoctoral fellowship from the
Jane Coffin Childs Memorial Fund. Congrats Christa!

New paper on cell-type-specific transcriptome analysis in Drosophila accepted at Cell Reports!

Mala and Lindy McBride receive a Princeton Dean for Research Innovation Award to study courtship behaviors in mosquitos.

Science Nation video on Murthy, Shaevitz, and Bialek BRAIN Initiative project.

New review article on Drosophila acoustic communication accepted at Current Opinion in Neurobiology.

New paper on how Drosophila males modulate song intensity with communication distance accepted at Neuron!

Mala talks about fly songs and variability on "CarrytheOne" Radio.

Our BRAIN Initiative project is highlighted in this video produced by Princeton and the NSF.

Pip Coen wins the 2015 Elkins Memorial Lecture Award for the best thesis in the field of Drosophila Neurobiology. Congrats Pip! 

New paper on connecting neural codes in the auditory system with behavior accepted at Neuron!

New postdoctoral fellow Christa Baker (PhD, Wash U) joins the lab. Welcome!

New paper on acoustic duetting in Drosophila virilis accepted at eLife!

Profile on Mala in the MIT Tech Review:

Mala attends the BRAIN Initiative Kick-Off Meeting in Bethesda, MD.

Mala is invited to the White House to attend an event celebrating the BRAIN Initiative!
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Mala is awarded a 2014 NIH New Innovator Award.
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New postdoctoral fellows, David (Dudi) Deutsch (PhD, Weizmann Institute) and Adam Calhoun (PhD, UCSD) join the Murthy lab. Welcome to both!

Mala, along with her collaborators Bill Bialek and Josh Shaevitz, is awarded a grant from the NSF in the first round of BRAIN Initiative funding.
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New paper on song patterning decisions in Drosophila accepted at Nature!

Murthy lab moves to the new Neuroscience Institute Building:

Mala, in collaboration with Susanne Schreiber, wins a grant from the Princeton-Humboldt strategic partnership fund.
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Jan Clemens is awarded a postdoctoral fellowship from the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) - Congrats Jan!

Andrew Weinstein awarded one of two '43 Brinster Prizes for the most outstanding Neuroscience undergraduate theses. Congrats Andrew!

Mala receives a special grant from the PNI Innovation Fund.
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Mala, with her collaborator Simone Marchesi (Italian Studies), wins a grant from the Princeton Magic Fund, to support collaborations between the sciences and humanities at Princeton.
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New paper on Drosophila courtship song (collaboration between Murthy and Stern labs) published in BMC Biology!

Undergraduate Tristan Perez joins the lab for her senior thesis - Welcome Tristan!

Amanda Crocker receives an NRSA Postdoctoral Fellowship from the NIGMS - Congrats Amanda!
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Pip Coen receives an HHMI International Student Research Fellowship - congrats Pip!
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Diego Pacheco passes his qualifying exam - congrats to PhD candidate Diego!

Mala receives a McKnight Foundation Scholar Award.
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Mala receives a Klingenstein Fellowship Award in the Neurosciences.
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New paper on the neural representations of courtship song in the Drosophila brain published in the Journal of Neuroscience!

Undergraduate Andrew Weinstein joins the lab for his senior thesis - Welcome Andrew!

Mala receives a grant from the Princeton-Oxford Collaborative Research Fund, along with her collaborator Scott Waddell.
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Pip Coen and Kelly LaRue pass their qualifying exams - congrats to PhD candidates Pip and Kelly!

Cyrille Girardin receives a Marie Curie International Postdoctoral Fellowship -- Congrats Cyrille! 
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Mala receives a Human Frontiers Young Investigator Award, along with three of her collaborators.
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Mala receives an Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship.
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Three Princeton undergraduates join the Murthy lab - Rogelio (for his senior thesis) and Christine and Salmaan (sophomores) - Welcome!

Mala receives an NSF CAREER Award.
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May 2010: Murthy Lab opens!